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Accounting software is a computer program that helps professionals in bookkeeping and managing accounts digitally and in reporting and recording any firm’s complete financial transactions. The features of accounting software vary from product to product. Big firms may need to apply a customized solution that integrates a broad amount of data from many different sources and departments. Smaller firms normally use an off the shelf product.


It can be a single or a set of different computer software, that helps professionals manage accounts and accounting operations more professionally and more accurately. The accounting software sometimes is called a digital finance manager. It works as a single-entry system that automate processes such as record keeping and cheque writing.

Nowadays accounting software is a must and a great resource for modern business. It permits detailed tracking, prompt reporting of financial transactions and analysis. Before the era of this software, these all tasks had to be performed manually, people use to work by hand on a large transaction journal. There was always a problem in the consolidation of records due to the labor involved in making manual entries. Accounting software has automated these tasks, reduced the costs of accounting and due to timely reporting it has become easier for the firms to make better financial decisions.

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Some advantages an accounting software

Today there are many ‘off the shelf’ accounting software at a remarkably low price for Small and medium sized businesses. Normally due to a large number of processes big businesses often opt for a custom featured accounting software tailored to their business needs. These programs help them with functions like paying wages, invoicing, payments processing, and providing regular accounting detailed reports such as profit and loss statements and balance sheets.

The main advantage of the accounting software is that any firm can have an accurate real-time state of the financial position. When any firm starts to use accounting software, it has never reverted to manual large transaction journals.


Typical an accounting software is developed with the following facilities.

  • Computer generated input and receipts of sales invoices
  • Automatic customer ledger updating
  • Suppliers’ invoice recording
  • Auto updating of vendor’s accounts in the purchase ledger
  • Recording of bank receipts
  • Auto payments for describing expenses and suppliers
  • Automatic general ledger maintenance
  • Auto stock records adjustment
  • Auto of payroll management

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This accounting software usually comes with a user-friendly graphical interface designed for the ease of use. The operator just has to input the data just one rest is done by the software, unlike a manual double entry transaction journals where many entries are required for one transaction. When one business transaction is entered into it, it is recorded in various accounting records at the same time.

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